Guide to using the learning objectives

Learning Objectives for Chapter One of Psychology, Science, and You





1.    Define1science.


2.    Describe2the eight key elements of science.


3.    Define1testable. Give3 an example of a testable statement and give3 an example of an untestable statement.


4.    State1 two reasons why scientists want to make testable statements.


5.    Explain3 how operational definitions allow scientists to make testable statements.


6.    Explain3 why scientists prefer predictions to after-the-fact explanations.


7.    Explain3 why a scientist might say, " God we trust, all others must provide data."


8.    Illustrate3 why psychology qualifies as a science. In your answer, address such concerns as whether human behavior follows rules, whether psychologists use research just to "prove" whatever psychologists want to "prove", whether the mind can be measured, and whether psychological science has led to discoveries.



9.    Examine4the advantages of psychology being a science.

10. List1at least four of the eight benefits you will gain from studying research methods. Rank6 those benefits in order of how important you think each are and justify6 your rankings.

Guide to using the learning objectives

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