Chapter 3 Interactive Exercises

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1. Are moderator variables more closely associated with internal, external, or construct validity?
2. According to astrologers, the major mediating variable in astrology would most likely be
3. People work harder when they are alone than when they are in groups. In addition, the bigger the group, the less work they tend to do. Research focusing on quantifying the extent to which increasing group size decreases effort is probably examining
4. Research focusing on finding exceptions to the rule that increases in group size result in less effort is probably focusing on
5. Research focusing on the thought processes that are responsible for increases in group size resulting in less effort is probably focusing on
6. If , based on a double-blind experiment, a researcher concludes that there is no difference between the effectiveness of generic and brand name drugs, the conclusion should be questioned because
7. The results of a research study could, in principle, lead to accepting which of the following hypotheses.

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