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1. You should read at least five abstracts before selecting an article to analyze.
2. Changing a study into an experimental study can improve the study´s internal validity.
3. Using a broader sample will tend to improve the study´s internal validity.
4. The introduction could be considered a preview of the rest of the article.
5. To make sense of the introduction, you may have to read some of the sources cited in the introduction.
6. If you understand the introduction, you will have a pretty good idea of what the authors will say in their discussion section.
7. In the introduction, the authors will try to convince you that their study is necessary because it either (a) corrects a flaw in previous research or (b) fills a gap in previous research.
8. You will probably have an easier time reading the method section than you did reading the introduction.
9. The method section is probably the most valuable section for helping you evaluate the study´s internal, external, and construct validity.

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