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1. Direct replications are only useful for developing students´ research skills.
2. Except for those articles tainted by fraud, all of the findings presented in published journals would replicate.
3. If a published article finds a significant effect using a significance level of p = .05, there is only a 5 in a 100 chance that a significant finding is a false alarm.
4. A Type II error rate refers to the chances of mistakenly declaring that a chance difference is a real difference.
5. A Type I error rate refers to the chances of failing to find a significant difference when a reliable difference really exists.
6. The most common reason that results might not replicate are
7. Systematic replications can have more power than the original study.
8. Which of the following changes to a study would boost its external validity
9. The conceptual replication is the most sophisticated type of replication
10. Conceptual replications are best for improving on the original study´s

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