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1. The scientific approach is useful to psychologists because it can provide accurate answers to their questions.
2. A major goal of science is reveal just how complex and confusing the world really is.
3. Psychologists use the scientific method to uncover simple rules that explain, describe, and predict behavior.
4. Scientists believe in objective facts because they know from past experience that we cannot always accept people´s subjective opinions.
5. Psychologists collect observable evidence to help them avoid unsupported speculations or biased perceptions.
6. A major goal of science is to perpetuate myths, superstitions, and false beliefs.
7. Operational definitions make it possible for researchers to objectively determine whether the evidence supports their predictions.
8. A major advantage of after-the-fact explanations is that they can easily be tested.
9. Researchers have found that people have great difficulty coming up with logical, persuasive reasons for why "facts" are true when those "facts" are actually false.
10. Once scientists have been provided with objective evidence, they accept that evidence as proof.
11. An objective scientist dismisses ideas that seem to run counter to existing knowledge.
12. Science produces and relies on publicly shared knowledge.
13. Psychologists argue that most behavior is governed by rules.
14. If you cannot predict an individual instance of behavior, then the behavior does not follow general rules.
15. Because we cannot see the mind, we cannot collect objective evidence about it.
16. The fact that research frequently disproves researchers´ predictions is proof that psychologists make testable statements.
17. To a psychologist, circumstantial evidence is not the same as proof.
18. Counterintuitive ideas should not be studied because they are usually wrong.
19. The rate of psychological research is decreasing because most of the important questions about human behavior have already been answered.
20. Psychology is a useful tool for testing the accuracy of common sense and intuition.

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