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1. At this point in its development, psychology´s value in the real world often comes not from its facts but from its methods.
2. As long as you have a good second hand source, it is not important for you to be able to read the original source and come to your own conclusions.
3. When you encounter two conflicting research findings, it is best to choose the study coming from a respected research university, rather than from a less well known source.
4. When you encounter two conflicting research findings, it is best to use your critical abilities to judge how much weight you should place on a particular research finding.
5. One of the most important reasons for you to be able to critically read first hand research reports is to help you identify unsupported claims.
6. You usually can rely on research findings as reported in your local newspaper.
7. Most television and newspaper journalists have extensive training in research methodology.
8. Understanding scientific psychology will help you understand how other sciences collect and evaluate data.
9. Most high school graduates in this country are scientifically literate.
10. Your mastery of research methodology will help you in any career that requires the ability to collect, analyze, and communicate information.

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