Chapter 1

Very brief chapter overview

This chapter has 3 parts:

    Part 1 explains why science is a useful way to understand the world.

    Part 2 explains that psychology is a science and has benefitted from being a research-based science.

   Part 3 explains how you can benefit from understanding how to read and conduct research.

Chapter Summary

Science attempts to find the truth by unearthing observable, objective evidence that may refute our preconceived notions. (To see how science can be used to supplement other ways of  knowing, see Table 1.3 on pp. 23-25).

Psychologists wanted psychology to be a science so that psychology could be evidence-based and make enormous progress.

Psychology is a science because, like other sciences, psychology

( For evidence that psychology possesses the eight key characteristics of science, see Table 1.2 on p. 22).

Understanding psychology's scientific research methods can benefit you. (For a list of 9 ways understanding research methods can help you, see Box 1.1 on p. 33).

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