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1. You should always choose the most valid measure.
2. If you can make observers blind, you might choose a measure that is vulnerable only to observer bias.
3. If you have an unreliable measure, you would worry that a significant difference between groups was due to bias.
4. A sensitive measure is one that can detect small differences.
5. A measure that is "purer," will tend to be more valid and more sensitive.
6. Knowing precisely what you want to measure may help you obtain a measure that is more sensitive.
7. The less reliable the measure, the more scores are influenced by random error.
8. An unreliable measure will bias your measurements.
9. Which of the following rating scales is probably more sensitive?
10. Pilot testing your measure can let you know whether your measure will produce a broad range of scores with your participants.
11. If all participants score high on your measure, you may have low sensitivity because of a
12. If all participants score low on your measure, you may have low sensitivity because of a

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