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1. You should always choose the measure that is less reliable rather than the one that is vulnerable to observer bias.
2. If you had a hypothesis that was easy to figure out, you should use a rating scale measure.
3. If you have an unreliable measure, you would worry that a significant difference between groups was due to random error.
4. Sensitive measures are necessary because, in psychology, many relationships between variables are small.
5. A more direct measure will tend to be more valid and more sensitive than a more indirect measure.
6. A more reliable measure will tend to be more sensitive.
7. Random error makes it less likely that you will detect real differences between groups.
8. The wider the range of scores a measure produces, the more sensitive the measure is likely to be.
9. Pilot testing a measure means trying out your measure on a group of participants.
10. Pilot testing a measure is only useful if you are developing your own measure: There is no advantage to pilot testing a published measure.
11. If all participants score low on your measure, you may have low sensitivity because of a ceiling effect.
12. A measure that produces a broad range of scores will always be more sensitive than one that does not.

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