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1. All numbers are equally descriptive.
2. Any valid measure of a quality could allow you to determine whether two groups differed on that quality.
3. A good use of nominal numbers is for categorizing participants (e.g., 1 = male, 2 = female).
4. Measures that rank participants from highest to lowest produce interval data.
5. If you want to know whether two groups differ in terms of a certain quality, you need at least ____ data.
6. If you want to know how much more a certain quality one group has than another, you need at least ____ data.
7. The Fahrenheit temperature scale provides ____ data.
8. Rating scales provide ____ data.
9. If your measure does not have a meaningful zero point, your measure is not a ratio scale measure.
10. Magnitude estimation is assumed to produce ratio scale data.
11. Amount of money donated to charity is a ratio measure of a person´s generosity.
12. If you want to know whether one group changed more than another, you need at least ___ data.
13. A measure that has high face validity may be extremely vulnerable to subject biases.

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