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1. If you have a random sample, the relationship you find in your sample will hold in the population.
2. Which of the following correlations is more likely to be statistically significant?
3. You find a correlation of .10. That correlation is most likely to be significant if your correlation is based on ____ observations.
4. You can conduct a t test on correlational data.
5. The median split is a common way of analyzing correlational data.
6. The median of the following the following numbers  (1, 2, 12, 3, 100)  is 12.
7. The median split has less power than a test that determines whether a correlational coefficient is greater than zero.
8. A multiple group ANOVA on correlational data allows you to have more power than a t test on those data.
9. If you want to know whether the relationship between outside temperature and aggression is curvilinear (as temperature increases, aggression increases up to a certain point), you should use
10. If you want to see whether gender and extraversion predict happiness, you should use
11. If an ANOVA finds a significant effect for extraversion on happiness, you can conclude that extraversion causes happiness.
12. If you do 100 analyses using a p = .05 level of significance, even if the variables are unrelated, you should expect five significant results. These significant results would be Type 1 errors ("false alarms").
13. Maria obtains several statistically significant correlations. Her results are most likely to be significant at the .05 level in a different sample if, in her original study, she
14. You do a study of students with IQs between 115 and 120. You fail to find a relationship between IQ and grade-point average. The most likely reason for your failure is

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