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1. A population could be all the students in your research methods class.
2. Having a nonrepresentative sample will hurt your survey´s
3. The survey is the most commonly used research method.
4. Sometimes, respondents choose not to give accurate answers to your questions.
5. If you have some interesting questions you would like to ask, you can do good survey research without having hypotheses.
6. You can use a survey to test a cause-effect hypothesis.
7. If you ask people how much they studied, you will get accurate answers.
8. If you ask people to predict their own behavior, they will give you accurate answers.
9. Survey respondents may lie.
10. Making responses anonymous will tend to reduce social desirability bias.
11. Making responses anonymous will tend to reduce bias caused by following response sets.
12. Telling a lie to make someone else feel better is most like
13. Nonresponse bias is a problem that hurts your study´s _____ validity.

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