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1. Usually, researchers should survey everyone in their population.
2. Not specifying precisely what your population is will hurt your survey´s
3. The survey is the most commonly misused research method.
4. Sometimes, respondents cannot give accurate answers to your questions.
5. Without a clear hypothesis and a set of questions focused on that hypothesis, your survey results may be useless.
6. If you want to know why people do a certain behavior, you can answer that question by asking them why they do that behavior.
7. If you ask people how much they ate, you will get accurate answers.
8. If you want to know what a person would do if they won the lottery, you could find out by asking them what they would do.
9. Instead saying, "Jane is a liar," you could say, "Jane is extremely vulnerable to the social desirability bias."
10. Making responses anonymous will be most effective in reducing
11. "Nay-saying" is an example of
12. Telling a lie to make yourself look good is most like
13. Nonresponse bias is more likely to be a big problem if you

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