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1. Nonresponse bias is a bigger problem in
2. Social desirability bias is a bigger problem in
3. Investigator-administered questionnaires are quite different from psychological tests.
4. Using multiple-choice questions can reduce
5. Interviews are more expensive than questionnaires.
6. Interviews may reduce
7. Relative to personal interviews, telephone interviews have been less vulnerable to respondent and nonresponse biases.
8. Knowing your target population will help you decide the wording of your questions.
9. Which of the following is a dichotomous item?
10. Using dichotomous items may cost you
11. Likert-type items provide you with
12. Likert-type items are more powerful than dichotomous items.
13. Open-ended questions are most like
14. Open-ended questions may increase
15. The best interview format for collecting scientific data is the

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