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1. Nonresponse bias is less of a problem in
2. Honesty of responses will tend to be less in
3. Standardizing how you administer your questionnaire and objectively scoring responses are just two ways that modeling your questionnaire after a psychological test can improve your questionnaire.
4. Asking the same question several ways can
5. Interviews are less vulnerable to participant and researcher bias than questionnaires.
6. Relative to personal interviews, telephone interviews have been less vulnerable to interviewer and sampling biases.
7. You should decide on your target population after you have developed your survey instrument.
8. In a survey, you should probably use fixed-alternative questions rather than open-ended questions.
9. For which of the following should you use a dichotomous question?
10. Dichotomous questions can provide you with reliable data.
11. Dichotomous items provide you with
12. If you want power, you are better off using
13. Essay questions are most like
14. Relative to fixed-alternative questions, open-ended questions are more difficult for participants to answer and more difficult for researchers to score.
15. To reduce interviewer bias and facilitate objective scoring, you should use

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