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1. "How many hours a week do you surf the web?" provides
2. If you are interested in whether respondents have a certain quality (or belong to a certain group), you need
3. If you have data involving ranks, you can summarize them using means.
4. If you have nominal data, you should summarize them using
5. The mean is 25 and the standard error is 10. The upper limit of the 95 percent confidence interval of the mean would be closest to
6. To determine how liking college and gender predict study time, you would use
7. You do 100 t tests. Each t test uses a .05 level of significance. If none of your variables are related, you are most likely to obtain ___ significant results.
8. You have nominal data. You want your Type 1 error rate to be around 5 percent. You are doing five chi-square tests. Your Type 1 error rate for the individual tests should be

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