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1. Which of the following experiments has more within-group variability?
2. The bigger the _______, the more likely that the treatment had a statistically significant effect.
3. _______ is sometimes called error variance.
4. In which experiment, are the results most likely to be statistically significant?
5. Between-groups variance is a pure measure of treatment effects.
6. Within-groups variance is a measure of random error that is uncontaminated by treatment effects.
7. If the treatment has no effect, treatment variance will be zero.
8. If you perform 15 t tests at the .05 level, your chances of making at least one Type 1 error would be closest to
9. In an ANOVA, you subtract within-groups variance from between-groups variance.
10. If the numerator of your F test is 4, you have four groups.
11. If F (4, 12) = 16.00, p < .05 for a study that had one treatment variable, the results were based on scores from
12. A statistically significant F in a multiple group ANOVA tells you neither that the effect is large nor which groups differ from each other.
13. For which experiment can you conduct a post hoc trend analysis?

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