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1. Between-subjects designs have low power.
2. The matched-pairs design has internal validity because of matching.
3. The matched-pairs design has power because of matching.
4. A matched-pairs design will create larger differences between your conditions than a simple, between-subjects experiment.
5. A matched pairs experiment will always have more power than a simple experiment.
6. You may decide to use a matched-pairs design because it gains power without restricting who can be in the study, thereby making it so you have power without sacrificing external validity.
7. The matched-pairs design will have more external validity than a simple experiment.
8. The matched-pairs design will make weaknesses in the independent variable manipulation (e.g., an empty control group) more serious than they would be in a simple, between-subjects experiment.
9. You should analyze interval data from a matched-pairs design using a between-subjects t test.

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