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1. If you establish that changes in the treatment are accompanied by changes in behavior, you have established
2. Manipulating the treatment is the best way to establish
3. Comparing conditions´ scores on the dependent measure helps establish
4. Randomized experiments and single-n experiments are most similar in terms of how they
5. A stable baseline is evidence that
6. The A-B design is most vulnerable to
7. The A-B-A design has more internal validity than the A-B design.
8. In A-B-A designs, the only way to establish that the treatment had an effect is for the behavior to return to baseline after the treatment is withdrawn.
9. Expanding the A-B-A design to an A-B-A-B-A-B design would
10. Counterbalancing is most likely to be used in a
11. Single-n researchers often use simpler designs to reduce both internal validity problems and construct validity problems.
12. Using placebo treatments and using few treatment levels
13. The most difficult case to make is for the single-n study´s internal validity.
14. It might be argued that people tend to overestimate the single-n design´s internal validity and underestimate its external validity.

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