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1. According to the text's definition of quasi-experiments, single-n experiments are quasi-experiments.
2. Quasi-experiments main advantage over experiments would be in greater
3. Which of these factors cause participants to change?
4. Which of these factors may cause measurement errors that could be confused for a treatment effect?
5. Which of these factors could make comparing your treatment group to your no-treatment group as unfair as comparing apples against oranges?
6. Keeping the study brief might reduce the threat of
7. Matching would be most effective in reducing
8. The pretest-posttest design is vulnerable to
9. The time-series is most vulnerable to
10. The reversal time-series design is better than a regular time-series in terms of
11. The nonequivalent control group design is most vulnerable to
12. Matching eliminates selection problems.
13. In quasi-experimental research, which of the following would be an example of using the law of parsimony?

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