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1. Instead of a results section, a research proposal may have a Design and Data Analysis section.
2. The most important objective of the results section­­ and an objective that is also reviewed in the discussion section ­­ is
3. Interpreting the results in terms of existing theory and research should not be done in the results section.
4. In the discussion, you should not discuss the limitations of your research study.
5. In your discussion section, you should suggest future research that would compensate for weaknesses in and limitations of your research study.
6. If you are writing a report on a simple experiment, your title should include both your independent and dependent variable.
7. Your Abstract cannot be longer than one paragraph.
8. The first line of every reference in my Reference section should be indented.
9. Which section will change more from research proposal to research report?
10. The main focus of the results section should be on presenting the results of statistical tests. Therefore, you should not include extra material (e.g., averages, interpretations of the results in terms of whether the results support the hypothesis).
11. Which of the following should you do in your discussion?

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