The table below looks at data from a counterbalanced design in which
  1. all participants read a passage that is written in red and a passage that is written in blue, but that
  2. half the participants read the red text passage first and then blue text passage, whereas the other half read the blue passage first and then the red passage

The dependent variability was memory for the infomation in the passages.

Based on the table below, what effects do we have? (Assume, for this exercise, that any differences are statistically significant. Note, however, that we would have to do statistical significance tests to find out which, if any, of the observed differences between conditions were reliable differences.)

Red Blue
Red-Blue Vs Blue-Red B1(Red-Blue) 8 8
B2(Blue-Red) 8 8

Please answer the following three questions.
1. Does there seem to be a Color effect?
Yes No
2. Does there seem to be a sequence effect?
Yes No
3. Does there seem to be an order effect?
Yes No