The table below looks at data from a study that manipulates both
1. text color (red and blue) and
2. text bold-facing (normal or bold-faced)
on readability.

Based on those data, what main effects do we have? (Assume, for this exercise, that any differences are statistically significant. Note, however, that we would have to do statistical significance tests to find out which, if any, of the observed differences between conditions were reliable differences.)

Red Blue
Bold-facing Regular 8 8
Bold 4 4

Please answer the following four questions.
1. Does there seem to be a main effect for Color ?
Yes No
2. Does there seem to be a main effect for Bold-facing ?
Yes No
3. Does there seem to be an interaction between Color and Bold-facing ?
Yes No
4. If there is a Color X Bold-facing interaction, what kind of interaction is it?
Ordinal Disordinal There is no interaction