Helpful Resources for Chapter 6:
How to Avoid Gruesome Grammar, Putrid Punctuation, and Saggy Style

"Use short, simple words, short sentences, the active voice, no cliches, and if you can cut, cut." --George Orwell

Below are links to websites that provide writing, editing, punctuation, spelling, and grammar tips, as well as tools that will help you avoid using the wrong word, find the right word, and  find definitions of regular words and of psychological terms.

pp. 195-197  Pronouns

p. 196-198 Subject-verb agreement

pp. 203-204 Sentences

p. 205 Writing paragraphs

p. 203-208 Grammar and Punctuation

p. 205-208 Punctuation

pp. 208-213 Spelling and usage

Usage: Using the right words


pp. 212-214 Editing and Proofreading

pp. 215-220 Writing Tips