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Here you can



Review and improve your understanding of the material Quiz yourself Apply this information Get help
Study this concept map to see the connections between key terms Quick matching test

Review using these flashcards.

If you are writing a Method section, download this tutorial. Help with answering the end-of-chapter exercises
See if you can figure out the number of groups and the number of participants from the degrees of freedom in an ANOVA table. Take a short, general practice quiz over the entire chapter. If you are writing a Results section, consult this tips for writing the Results section link.
See if you have mastered deciphering ANOVA tables Take 8-item quizzes over reasons for ding a multiple-group experiment (the first part of the chapter). If you are planning to conduct a study read "Web Appendix: Conducting a Study."
Review by reading the chapter summary.

Understanding the answers to these review questions before taking a quiz or exam over Chapter 11 material.

Take 13-item quizzes over the logic of ANOVA (the second part of the chapter). Have the computer calculate degrees of freedom for you -- if you provide the number of groups and the number of participants

Do an analysis of variance using a statistical calculator.
Test yourself on Have the computer help you format the results of a one way ANOVA. (an F test)

Chapter 11 exercises

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