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Study this concept map to see the connections between  key terms


Study this flow chart to understand how to choose the right experimental design.

Quick matching test

Be sure you understand the difference between order and sequence with this matching test

Review using our flashcards


Develop your ability to interpret tables of means from a counterbalanced design (distinguishing treatment effects, sequence effects, and order effects)

Do an analysis on data from a within-subjects design using a statistical calculator.


Get a better idea of the steps involved in conducting a study by reading "Web Appendix: Conducting a Study."

Hints for (and some answers to) Chapter 13 exercises
Review by Take the Practice Quiz (a short, general quiz over the entire chapter).


Take 9-item quizzes over the matched pairs design (the first part of the chapter).

Take 10-item quizzes over the pure within-subjects design (second part of the chapter). Take 9-item quizzes over randomized within-subjects designs and counterbalanced designs (the third part of the chapter). Take 5-item quizzes over mixed designs and choosing designs (the fourth part of the chapter).

Chapter 13 exercises

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